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HDPE Breakaway Connector - Weak Link

Prevent Pipe Overload - Fusing on a smaller pipe diameter size is only a guess! 


Heavy Duty Breakaway Connectors are a tested designed to protect polyethylene pipe and duct from overload during installation by directional drilling or other methods. Connect between the pullback swivel and the pipe puller. The connectors are a three-part product, held together by a group of pins. The pins are designed to break in tension at a specific load. The connector assembly is fastened together by using one or more of the breakaway pins. For example, if the operator uses a single 1,000 lbs pin, the connector will come apart at 1,000 pounds. Different pin values can be mixed and matched to create several different breakaway values, all in the same connector.  


Available in two sizes:

The small unit #71-00560-10 covers values from 750 lbs. up to 12,500 lbs.


The large unit #71-00560-20 covers values from 3,000 lbs. up to 45,000 lbs. 


Many utilities now require the use of a breakaway connector to maintain the pipe integrity during installation. The same connector works on different pipe sizes, each requiring different load settings.