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About Us

Since 1980 PLCS, LLC. has supplied the N. and S. American natural gas distribution industry with systems for sealing gas leaks, lightweight gas-free tapping machines, equipment for installing PE pipes and many other invaluable products.

The PLCS Approach

Quality products that work to solve your problems from people who understand the gas industry, plus a large inventory for immediate shipment and next day delivery, means you can rely on us to provide what you need, when you need it. This performance keeps us efficient and allows us to pass the saving to our loyal customers. Their loyalty has been the reason for our 30+ years of success.

Brief History

1968 - PLCS LLC, founded when British Gas was in the process of converting to natural gas and starting to experience major leaks on their cast iron pipes. PLCS developed a system of encapsulating each pipe joint with a special polyurethane sealant that cured to a flexible synthetic rubber.

1985 - US subsidiary of PLCS became independent.

1998 - Acquired ALH Systems Inc. (USA branch) and gained access to their innovative Gas-Free drilling, tapping, and line stopping equipment.

1999 – Became Anabond supplier for gas main anaerobic sealants to complement encapsulation products. 

2015 - Master Distributor for Mazco Products, a full line of Gas-Free service renewal tools. 

Present – Growing product line specializing in a wide range of gas distribution maintenance products. Supplying major gas utilities and their contractors for over 30+ years. 

We sell a comprehensive list of utillity products. Contact us for details and prices.

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Gas Main Leak Repair

  • Encapsulation
  • Anaerobic Sealants  

Gas-Free Hot Tapping

  • ¾”-2 ½” ALH System-One
  • 3”-5” ALH System Three
  • Keyhole ALH System Four
  • Bond and Bolt

 Pipe Cutting and Breaking for Mains Renewal

  • Precision Modular Window Cutter for Steel Pipe
  • 8”-60” Keel Cutter for Steel and Iron Pipe
  • Cast Iron Pipe Crackers
  • Rotary and Window Cutter for Ductile Iron 

Gas Flow Stopping

  • ALH Gas-Free PSI Bagging Off System
  • Flowstop Gas Bags
  • Sensor Gas Bags

Gas-Free Service Renewal and Abandonment Tools

  • Safe-T-Stopper
  • Meter Valve Changer
  • Service Terminator

PE Pipe Products

  • Torre Supraflow Tapping Tee
  • Excavator Attachments for PE Pipe Handling
  • PLCS 2”-6” Coil Pipe Trailer
  • Pressure Test Ends
  • PE Pipe Wall Electronic Damage Indicator

PE Pipe Pullers

  • Pipe and Duct Pullers
  • Pressure Tight Pipe Pullers
  • Wire Mesh Pulling Grips

Main Renewal and Abandonment

  • Live Mains Insertion
  • Mini Purge Ejector (Purging Mains)
  • PE Pipe Wall Damage Indicator
  • Ergonomic Digging Tools (Vogt and AirSpade)

Water Removal

  • Service Water Remover
  • Mains Water Remover
  • Venturi Water Pump

Gas Leak Pinpointing

  • Seize Free Road Drill Bits
  • BarSeal (Bar Hole Reinstatement)
  • Rapid Gas Extractor