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How to Buy All Your Underground Utility Equipment Online

How to Buy All Your Underground Utility Equipment Online

Aug 23rd 2019

Modern society is built on top of a sophisticated system of underground piping that many individuals take for granted until it stops working. It takes a lot of specialized equipment and trained workers to keep these underground systems working correctly. Much of the supplies you need for working on underground pipe systems can't be found at your local hardware store. With help from PLCS, contractors can buy all of their underground utility equipment online.

After being in the industry for nearly four decades, PLCS has become a trusted name for business owners who need utility equipment. PLCS has supplied the natural gas distribution industry in North and South America with systems for sealing gas leaks, lightweight gas-free tapping machines, equipment for installing PE pipes and many other invaluable products.

PLCS has everything an underground utility professional needs to accomplish a job. For example, we have a wide selection of poly pipe pullers. These instantly provide a reliable direct connection between PE, MDPE, and HDPE pipe to the pipe laying equipment. The design has been an industry standard for more than two decades, and it's in use on many directional drilling rigs. We also have an assortment of pipe plugs. This selection includes different kinds of pipe plugs, such as DRAINBLOCK, rubber detachable expansion plugs, self-taping plugs, and more.

PLCS also has unique products that can help utility professionals save time, energy, and money. An example of this can be seen with our water removal tool. We have the PLCS Venturi Water Pump. This tool is a rugged, simple, and lightweight air-operated pump. It has several design advantages that make it preferable to traditional water removal equipment. It requires no priming and can move approximately 1,300 gallons of water per hour. The unit is reasonably priced to be so affordable that utility crews can have one as standard equipment. Giving every team a PLCS Venturi Water Pump reduces the wait time that comes from sharing high-cost conventional water removal equipment.

When installing or repairing underground pipe systems, reaching the target area can be one of the most significant challenges. Typically, gas lines and other utilities are buried deep underground to avoid accidental damage from civilians. However, the pipes may be covered by more than just dirt. Excavating a pipe that’s beneath a sidewalk, roadway, rock, or frozen ground can be one of the most costly parts of utility repair. PLCS has ergonomic digging tools that can make this process simpler and sager.

These ultra-lightweight tools are more than 40 percent lighter than most items in the same class. This reduced weight lowers the risk of injury for workers doing repetitive digging tasks. They also speed up the work since less energy is required to do the same job. Ergonomic digging tools can pay for themselves in time savings and the decrease in injury claims.

If you're looking for underground utility equipment for your company, you can get everything you need from PLCS. We have been a major supplier for gas utility, gas distributors, and their contractors for more than 30 years. You can trust our reputation for delivering high-quality equipment that's perfectly suited for the task at hand. Send us a message online if you have any questions about ordering utility products from PLCS.