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Solving Problems in Utility Work

Solving Problems in Utility Work

Jan 15th 2020

People who have done the tough work of installing or repairing underground utilities know that there's quite a lot of problem-solving involved. New technology brings new resources to the table, but the nature of underground utilities is that they are made to be inaccessible – protected from unauthorized access, but also hard to get into when you have legitimate repair or maintenance needs.

Many of those skilled and experienced contractors and professionals who work with underground lines remember, for example, when pipe bursting came on the scene. Prior to that invention, teams were often left trying to dig up utility pipes underneath seamless concrete. That labor-intensive process was one of the most difficult and expensive parts of underground utility repair. Even outside work requires significant amounts of earthmoving, which also comes at no small cost.

At PLCS, LLC, we have a range of tools that make utility work easier. Our pipe pullers allow innovative methods, to eliminate a lot of the labor-intensive work that is so problematic for working with gas, water, sewer and other utility lines. We have winches and protectors and damage indicators and more available online to help utility pros work smarter, not harder. This makes it easier for those who are in charge at the job site to solve that puzzle in an effective and quick way.

Ergonomic Tools

To that end, we also have a fine array of ergonomic tools that help you to do underground utility work with less pressure on the spine, and less impact on the body over time.

You might have the best and most skilled people addressing a utility problem, but they also need brute strength to be able to deal with the physical logistics of altering utility lines. When you have ergonomic tools, the tools take some of the pressure off of the worker, which allows for more productivity and agility for teams on the ground.

Another part of our catalog involves modern fittings, which every experienced utility worker knows are vitally important. Part of the biggest challenge in dealing with underground utilities is working with outdated materials and pieces. Old antiquated ball valves or similar legacy pieces can tend to leak or stick or malfunction over time. Old pipes can be made of less durable material and crack or become compromised easily.

Our modern valves and fittings help the pros to install the systems that will last for years, taking even more hard work out of the maintenance equation. Take a look online to see more of what we do, and how we help with the toughest jobs.