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Pressure Tight PE Pipe Puller


An instant direct connection between PE (polyethylene), MDPE and HDPE pipe and any form of pipe laying equipment, sealing against any ground liquids or solids from entering the pipe.

Inserts directly into the open PE pipe end without special preparation. Twist the eye and the grippers lock into position without the using a wrench. Gripping power increases with pulling load or against pressure. Pipe yield point is reached before failure can occur. 

- Recognized as the most reliable connector available in the industry.
- Rated at 150 psig against air, mud, water or sewer gas
- A must for HDD horizontal directional drilling.
- Easily removed after work is complete
- Heavy duty construction in plated steel for rugged durability.


The design also provides a pressure tight seal to a length of pipe for pressure testing, when used in conjunction with a PLCS Test End.