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Seize Free Road Drill Bits


Sieze Free Drill Bits eliminate binding, a major cause of operator fatigue and injury when drilling through pavement. The spiral flutes create an "auger" type drilling action to resist binding from soft asphalt or frozen ground The bit is also effective in other types of pavement material including concrete and stone. The one piece design includes a carbide tip, that can be re-sharpened and blower holes at the tip for clearing debris from the cutting edges. Seize-Free Drill Bits are designed for use in Air Powered Rock Drills with 7/8" or 1" chucks. In use at major Gas Utilities throughout the United States and Canada.

Patented Seize-Free carbide drill bit combines a unique, spiral fluted design with increased air flow to the carbide tip. This prevents drill binding, the most common problem encountered when drilling through pavement overlays such as asphalt, concrete and stone.