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Is Customer Service Dying? We Say No!

Is Customer Service Dying? We Say No!

Posted by Joe Tete on May 26th 2019

Experts agree that customer service is one of the greatest keys to business success. A company's entire livelihood including marketing, sales and profits depend on it. Without customers a business simply cannot exist. So if customer service is that vitally important, why are so many companies relying on complex million-dollar computerized automated phone systems to handle customer inquiries?

Many of these systems make it entirely too difficult for a customer to actually talk to a live, knowledgeable person. Just think of how many times we were forced to listen to over 9 different phone prompts before getting to the right department. Even if we finally get a live person we are then placed on hold. When we email a company with a question it may take days to get a response. It seems many of us have simply given up and choose not leave even a voice mail because we assume it will not be returned promptly. We are left wondering if there is anyone on the other end to receive it. I am not saying that this is the case for everyone, but we all have experienced these things and it is frustrating. Whatever happened to just picking up the phone? Is it really that expensive to train someone to say hello? It seems even the phone companies cannot answer their own phones.

PLCS has been selling to the gas distribution business for over 30 years and we believe much of our success is attributed to customer service. We refuse to automate our phone system because we know that customers want to speak with a real live person during business hours. When you call us for whatever reason, from the job site or from the office, all PLCS employees including the President will pick up the phone and direct you to the most knowledgeable person who can answer your inquiry right away. We know that in the gas distribution industry emergencies can happen every day and you need immediate answers without wasting time going through an automated system. PLCS prides itself on responding quickly. If you need to place an order, have a question, or even a complaint, we invite you to simply call us.